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Our Cabins are part of the award-winning White Sulphur Springs community, in the heart of the North Carolina wine country, adjacent to one of America’s best small towns, Mount Airy (aka "Mayberry"), and combining great location, convenience environmental respect and "Simple Living". Driving directions to our Cabins are found HERE.

The White Sulphur Springs community featured in an Spring 2013 newspaper profile that showcased the amenities, landscapes and historic elements of the property. Read it HERE or download the article by selecting DOWNLOAD.

Mount Airy was the 2012 recipient of the People's Choice Best Main Street in North Carolina Contest. The contest was part of the "Great Places in North Carolina" initiative sponsored by the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association to celebrate great communities throughout the state.

White Sulphur Springs is more than a beautiful setting. It is more than home sites. It is a homecoming. It is a return to a time when the streets were safe, the neighbors were friends, the nights were quiet and the family was the priority.

It is a return to an era of rejuvenation, regrouping, reconnecting and relaxing. When lying on your back and gazing at the stars meant something. When watching river water ripple over smooth stones was magical. When sitting under a shade tree with a loved one made your heart sing.

White Sulphur Springs offers an escape from the relentless pace and noisy life of the city. It is an invitation to recapture the feeling of that soul-stirring age when time was measured not by the harsh tick of a clock but the gentle fall of a leaf. Read the article about White Sulphur Springs that was published by Our State magazine in March 2013 by clicking HERE.

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We recognize and appreciate the history and unique natural attributes found here at the footsteps of the Appalachian Mountains. The banks of the Ararat River are protected and will remain undeveloped. Residents and guests at White Sulphur Springs will have complete access to the river to fish, canoe or just watch the river gently flow. Feel free to sample our famous mineral-rich water that has flowed for decades from a spring beside the river. An octagon-shaped, hewn granite enclosure protects the well and provides safe and easy access to passers by. Our mineral springs are prominently listed on